Arrow Financial Services should be shut down.they are nothing short of being crooks.

I don't see how they have never been prosucuted. I wonder how they would like someone to call thier house 100 times a day and night and weekends. they should be charged with harassment. so maybe we the people should get a petition together and file a law suit against arrow financial services and see how they like wearing the shoe.

do these cowards even realize how bad our economy is struggling right now? Do they not have anyone in thier family who has lost a job? people are trying tier best just to hold on to thier homes and feed thier kids,and keep utilities on.

its not like we all have 50-60 thousand a year paying jobs like they do.knock them off thier pedastols and see how long before they crack or sink.

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Is it possible arrow financial can send a phony District Court Form out to me? Help.......


I just received their collection notice for $997.63 from another collection agency called Arrow Financial Services..from 2007 even??They could'nt tell me what the debt was for so I'm not wasting anytime.

Am filing a complaint immediately with The Attorney Generals Office.

Thx folks for letting me know this is just another scam.:(


Pople with problem with arrow financial MUST file a complaint with Ill. Attorney General Office. If the complaints goes over 500 than they will file another lawsuit against Arrow Financial,which they did back in 1999 and nailed them good.


yeah I am with all of you my credit report was messed up as well by these bottom feeders someone needs to put these criminals be hind bars where they belong


all valid comments, I too lost my job and couldn't pay for a vehicle. I found out through a credit check that arrow financial has "sold" my account to NG (Northland Group). I haven't seen anything promising from either of these so called debt collectors.


*** yeah!They have called me back to back to back all day long!

i explained to them that i dont have a job and have no way to pay right now.

and just like the other two guys there sueing me now !id love to find a way to come back at them!


Yea they called me over and over.They would call get no answer then call back in 5 minutes.

They are sueing me right now for $2400.00.

Ran into bad times and paying for the important bills like mortgage and car payment.They really do harass you!


Arrow financial services LLC is sueing me right now for $2400.00. They called my house a thousand times a day. They would call i wouldn't answer then they would call back 5 minutes later and do that over and over.


I settled with Arrow in 2005 and they never updated my credit report. Now, they've sold my account to another bottom feeder in 2009. I'd like to know what ever happened to the money I paid Arrow to settle my debt?


Numerous state officials are taking action on Arrow and FMS Investment and their continued unlawful practices, and it is just getting started!

One suit is demanding $65K for each unlawful case, which will equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars levied against these CRIMINALS. All the while, these IDIOTS continue to fleece unknowing consumers for debt that is well past LAWFUL collection, or in many cases, not even correct.

This however, does not stop these unethical parasites from their CRIMINAL attempts to bully consumers. DO NOT make arrangements of ANY type with these parasites, they will reopen the debt based on ANY offer to pay. As has been named in the current suit, even after agreeing to a reduced amount with the consumer, they either continue to collect the FULL outdated debt, or shuffle it off to another of their cohorts.


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